ORANGE★JAM’s 4th Full Album 「rainy days」

ORANGE★JAM presents: 「rainy days」, its 4th Full Touhou Arrange Album.

ORANGE★JAM will be releasing its 4th full album, 「rainy days」, at Summer Comiket 86 on Day 2 (August 16, 2014) @ 『東 ピ-07a』! Please stop by the album page for more information!

There are 6 vocal songs and 4 instrumental tracks, featuring songs by our newest member, DJ Bouche.
Sour still participates by mastering our tracks.

Track 3 features our latest guest lyricist, 海兎 (EastNewSound)!

The main illustrator is Shuutah, working in tandem with Neru.

On this album, we are also proud to announce guest artists chikage (キノコ堂) and 黒兎 (覚醒デザイア).
Their lovely illustrations are featured within the pages of the booklet and track list.

ORANGE★JAMの4th東方アレンジアルバムは「rainy days」です!C86最新作です!夏コミの2日目(8月16日)で参加します!『東 ピ-07a』です!特設ページに調べてみてくださいね!

R&B・ポップス・ハウスの多彩な ジャンルな6曲のボーカル曲とインストゥルメンタル4曲を収録。

全アルバムは最近参加したメンバー、DJ Boucheさんです!




Please look at the album information page for more details! ↓
詳しくは特設サイトをご覧下さい! ↓

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