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ORANGE★JAMが幽閉楽祭に参加致します! (Yuuhei Music Festival)




ORANGE★JAM will be participating at Yuuhei Music Festival!

The Yuuhei Music Festival is a live concert event in Kyushu.
It will be held on February 2nd, 2014 and many amazing circles will be there!
Actually, when I was still living in California, I listened to many of these circles. Being able to perform on the same stage is really surreal! U;A;)


イベント : 幽閉楽祭 大⑨州~早春の宴~
開催日 : 2014年2月2日(日)
開催時間 : 開場/15:00〜 開演/15:30〜 終演/〜20:00
開催場所 : 西日本総合展示場 本館


Event : Yuuhei Music Festival  Dai➈shu ~Feast of Early Spring~
Date : February 2, 2014 (Sunday)
Time : Open/15:00〜 Start/15:30〜 End/〜20:00
Place : West Japan General Exhibition Center (Main Bldg.)


↓↓Please check the “Yuuhei Music Festival” official site for more information!↓↓